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Halong Bay, Vietnam 2014
Halong Bay, Vietnam 2014

“To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.”

Have you ever overlooked a candidate because you can’t take your eyes off of the long gap year that sits on their CV staring at you blankly in the face? The fluttering thought, ‘why’d they take so much time off?’ crosses your mind as you click out and onto the next one. But, when was it decided that gap years constituted for an immediate pass? Has it ever been considered that backpacking, unconforming and unconventional in American culture, might be an indicator of the individualism and proactiveness a person can bring into the work environment? …

Well, I haven’t officially moved…yet. I don’t have more than a temporary visa or a signed apartment. But, they say if you want anything in life, you have to start living and speaking as though it's already happening.

Halong Bay, Vietnam 2014

I can still remember the day my boyfriend of 7 years came home and uttered the words, “It's over.” Six years later, it still gives me chills to recall because I vividly remember how earth-shattering those few seconds after his proclamation felt. It was my first heartbreaking experience I suffered through and the distress of it surfaced in all facets of my life. I lost interest in all social engagements and friends. The internship, I for years on end aspired to work for, became arduous. Most of my life became bleak, and by default, difficult to participate in. In an…

A Letter To Myself On Writing

Yes, you read that right. I’m the maverick American that decided to travel through the EU despite the risk of COVID.


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